Bookset (Pvt) Ltd is based in Bulawayo and was established by Arthur Dare in 1994. With over 20 years’ experience in leather book binding and custom made leather goods, they pride themselves with working towards customer satisfaction.

Bookset’s leather range of products are all handmade and this range has grown to accommodate various individual tastes which includes all leather upholstery work.

The company is run on a personal level by Arthur Dare and Ursula Evans to ensure customer satisfaction.

Good Hope Leather Products (Pvt) Ltd started as a sole proprietor in 1992, before expanding into a fully-fledged entity with interest in multiple countries.

Production began from a small residential property within the western suburbs of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The company then moved to better manufacturing facilities as demand increased, where medium scale operations are currently being undertaken.

Millenium Footwear

Made from genuine leather, is the "Wild" brand by Millenium Footwear which offers comfort, durability and the most fashionable footwear put together by a team that is devoted to:

Designing, Manufacturing & Supplying the final product, uniquely exceeding your expectations.

Tana Africa

Tana Africa is a family run Zimbabwean business that works solely with African leathers, crocodile being the traditional one.

Their designs are unique pieces that strive to keep the classic beauty of natural leather as the focus.

Safari Leather

Safari Leather bags are inspired by and made with great respect for the Zimbabwean craftsman.

Our leathers are traceable, fair dyed and well treated. All our products are socially and environmentally sustainable. We aim for the quality that our clients want to invest in and pride ourselves on repeat orders and the continuous relationships we have established.