Our Products

The Leather Warehouse opened its doors for trading on the 1st of September 2016, in the beautiful city of Bulawayo affectionately known by the locals as the City of Kings.

This name bestowed upon the city, as it housed the royal home of King Lobengula who ruled the Ndebele Tribe from 1868 to 1894. This beautiful City with its rich history continues to remain The Leather Warehouse base of operation servicing the whole of Zimbabwe and neighbouring countries.

The Leather Warehouse is a division of Zambezi Tanners Private limited, created to service our local community with the same export quality leather the tannery is known for the world over.

We provide a stock supply of various types of leathers such as sheep, goat and cattle to meet various needs from upholstery to shoe leathers.

Due to our stock, on hand we are able to service our customer base that cuts across the spectrum, from individuals to large scale manufacturers.

Driven by our passion for leather and our sense of “Ubuntu”, we work alongside some of the leading Leather manufacturing Houses in Zimbabwe.

Each House strives to create a true reflection of the beauty of leather by honouring its uniqueness and true African origin, blending a sense of modern flair and style creating a product that is truly unique.